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Mature content
Betrayed :iconfernschzet:Fernschzet 2 1
An Explanation
Drop six
I let it split
Your skull
A magnum to the dome
Your mind, a broken home
I'm so
Alone in this plane
Drives,shattered minds insane
How can I, explain
This pain
This hurt
I feel, I suffer
For myself, another
My blood boils bright black
I wait for you, attack
Cold steel in my, back
I feel the call
My darling raven
Wings of midnight
Carry me in ebon flight
Away, away escape
The break of day
Alone again I find myself
Screaming to the shade
Of a man, driven insane
My life force running
Down the drains of mortality
Look at the duality
The human mind
The human soul
The human heart
It's torn apart
Ripped asunder
I'll tell you of another
Man I slain
Soul I claim
Life I took
A daemons hand I shook
In blood, sign the tome
And here I am again, alone.
:iconfernschzet:Fernschzet 1 0
When They Die
It's hard when they die.
A part of you leaves with them.
Their voice still rings faintly in your ear.
The scent of them sometimes comes to you.
Washes over you with melancholy warmth.
It's hard when they die.
Because it still feels like they're there.
When you walk through the door, expecting to see their boots.
When you call their name, waiting for a response.
When you rest your head, beside them.
It's hard when they die.
The fact that they're gone is too hard to accept.
And the routine you had formed no longer is valid.
Because they're gone.
Because they're never coming back.
It's hard when they die.
And I miss them dearly.
:iconfernschzet:Fernschzet 0 0
Akilah's Verse
Wanting to die, but I cannot
The days how they drag on
Each a minuscule eternity of bleak futures
And of dreadful boredom
Yet the mere thought of you
This mere thought gives my mind pause
Gives my sanity sanctuary
As I wish upon many a long deceased star
Dried lips of mine, cracked and parched
Desiccated of hope and inspiration
May they grace the lips of yours
From which the razor sharp edges
And cruel harshness of reality spout
The geyser of truth and satirical wisdom
A wish that cannot be
A wish that shall not be
My friend.
From now until Hell freezes over
From now until the Sun engulfs our Earth
From now until the day that bullet finds my skull
My loyalty.
:iconfernschzet:Fernschzet 0 0
Burning Mercy
Burning books and firey brooks
ashen winds, shadowy sins
fleeting thoughts my mind in knots
gotta get away 'fore break of day
the burning streets of Mercy call
I want to end this for us all
I can't escape the shadows gaze
the Grey Man stands in smoky haze
Boom chain rattles on broken stone
the wicked shriek of steel on bone
I hear him calling, quietly loud
I want to burn away his shroud
Over watrers turned to poison mist
A prayer and my blessed fist
To strike upon his jagged jaw
For a moment shut his wretched maw
yet through burning truths and well forged lies
we watch in fear as our lantern dies
The night is dark, devoid of light
yet these burning embers sear my sight
Grey Man Grey Man why oh why
this war for nothing my Mother cries
the pages turn as memories burn
Before the break of day, dear gods I pray
Help the lost souls find their way
Away to heaven, off they go
Leave us here, we'll fight alone
Come Grey Man Come
I'm ready for you
More than ready to see this through
I watched the
:iconfernschzet:Fernschzet 0 0
A Potion, A Potion
A potion of malice, a potion of hate.
Coincidentally, a potion to set this all straight.
A potion to cure, a potion to heal.
Yet I can't find a potion to make myself feel.
A potion of love, a potion of lust.
I'll make one for you, if you pay then I must.
A potion to harm, a potion to kill.
It's easy to do... and you know that I will.
:iconfernschzet:Fernschzet 1 1
Grey: The Forsaken
Black stone. Carved and chiseled with the finely detailed hexagrams of the Drothmere people lined the walls of the ancient corridor. The memories of this hall flooded through the head of the woman who sat at the end of the hall. She sat with legs crossed in a contorted knot that would break the knees of lesser men. She sobbed. The memory of being dragged down this hall, bloodied and beaten by her former captors. Tears fall. Tears of helplessness, abuse… and fury. Her lips part with a wail on her tongue, an archaic cry for help to a long forgotten god. An oath sworn of vengeance and steeped in bloodlust erupts from her throat. She rises. Rises on legs cast of forsaken flesh, clad in ashen skin clothed in rags and scars. Her steps are labored, heavy. Hands of scarred flesh and dried blood clutch her wounded side. Black drips from the threadbare bandages that wrap her chest. Eyes of glowing grey lay locked to the altar on the far end where six black flamed candles burn in perfect s
:iconfernschzet:Fernschzet 1 1
Forgotten Dogma IV
“Dharm..?” Calseph narrowed her eyes to focus and it was in fact him in the flesh. “By the Light it is you, Dharm!” she ran to him and embraced him tenderly. “I thought you had died! Where have you been? Is Finn alive?” releasing her embrace she eyed him over and picked up the scent of fresh laundry and horseradish. “Finn is still alive, I can smell that foul stew on you.”
“He’s alive, but he’s resting. One of the sisters is looking him over right now, I got kicked out the room.” Dharms look was one of confusion. Calseph never was one to be excited to see any from their band, especially him. “Why are you so happy, we were only gone half the day, we left at sunrise for that pit.”
“Dharm…” Calseph released him and walked back a few steps before turning, raising her hands to her temples. Flustered, she turned to him and told him flatly, “Dharm, that day was two months ago… s
:iconfernschzet:Fernschzet 1 3
Forgotten Dogma III
They hobbled through the street towards the Gran Ilena Mission, Dharm supported Finn as most of his energy was spent getting them back to safety. “Finn… you’ll be fine. A little food and a little rest will do you good… let’s just get to the mission, aright?” Dharm then grumbled to himself, “and a little ale will definitely help me.”
“It… does it seem cooler to you, Dharm?” Finn lifted his head and felt the breeze, colder than he last remembered, as if a shift in the seasons.
“Ah, can’t tell. Drifting in that void kinda numbed me out.” He readjusted his companions’ weight and continued up the cobblestone road towards the mission. “What magick was it that flung us in the middle of nowhere?”
“The spell…” he caught his breath, barely managing to stay awake, “Nether magic… corrupted the portal.” A bout of coughs wracked the mage, and Dharm laid him d
:iconfernschzet:Fernschzet 1 1
Forgotten Dogma II
“Dharm, grab on!” Finn called out to the Elf, extending an enchanted gauntlet. Dharm caught a grasp of Finns forearm and in an instant they winked out of existence in a burst of eldritch light, mere moments before being consumed by the unstable Nether portal below.
All was silent and all was black as they drifted, weightless through the void. Below them, a constellation, a single light in the vast expanse of nothingness. It called to their bodies, their minds… but something else did, too.
“Finn… you hear that?” Dharms’ ears flicked at the faint whisper that seemed to slither into his mind, alien words that caused his thoughts to ache and eyes to itch. “It’s kinda creepy and annoying.”
“I don’t hear… wait.” Finn closed his eyes and quieted his racing thoughts. The words seeped into his mind, too. Animating alien and aberrant thoughts in the dark recesses of his conscious. “We’re not alone
:iconfernschzet:Fernschzet 1 1
Mature content
Forgotten Dogma I :iconfernschzet:Fernschzet 2 2
A Harsh Realization of Faith
:iconfernschzet:Fernschzet 1 0
I miss her, man. I really do.
Don't cry, my love I'm almost home
The journey indeed has been trying
For is both to bear this burden so
That we must suffer together, alone
With each sunrise and sunset
I make my way closer to you
Though the trials of this world keep us apart
I'll do what I must to reclaim
What was taken from this world so soon
That your light was whisked away
I'm coming, running ever closer
To crash through the gates of Heaven
I return to you, my only love
To be once more at your side
The journey has been hard indeed
I fear it may have taken my life
That only brings me closer now
The gates of shining silver
I see you, hear you, that sweet voice
I wake… just one day closer.
:iconfernschzet:Fernschzet 2 2
Mature content
Black: Hollow Inquisition :iconfernschzet:Fernschzet 1 0
The Traveler I
The Woods of Arrodere
Silence and thick fog clung close to the ground as soft boots padded against the soggy undergrowth of decayed leaves and fallen branches. The air is brisk, but still. His breath forming thick clouds of mist as it pushes beyond the bounds of his knitted brown scarf.
In the distance is a light…
"Lantern, mayhap?" The Traveler
"Death... War..." the Traveler glanced to his side, as two more shadowy figures rode towards him through the mist, "And ye must be Pestilence and Famine, aye?" He chuckled and sighed, "I find me'self in good company."
:iconfernschzet:Fernschzet 1 0
Blue Wolf Poem
Violins and blue candlelight.
Gentle rain and paper lanterns.
I remember Home.
Soaked fur and weary paws.
Burned flesh and scarred skin.
I remember Home.
Sheeting sleet and battering winds.
Cutting cold and bitter ice.
Through it all I remember Home.
... Home.
:iconfernschzet:Fernschzet 1 0


Trassark by MOAB23 Trassark :iconmoab23:MOAB23 123 23 Fusion with the world by Eternal-Dream-Art Fusion with the world :iconeternal-dream-art:Eternal-Dream-Art 49 17
The Calm Before The Storm: Chapter 1
Chapter 1
"Matriarch! MATRIARCH! HELP US!" A blue crystal flared to life on the desk within a sparsely furnished room near the back, glass wall which looked out over the Artifact courtyard of the grand city of Nevah. Beside the desk a tall figure stood motionless, violet eyes locked on the scene below her. Red, crimson scales covered the body of the standing dragon while two long horns flowed out from the top of her head and formed a V. Two golden bands were wrapped around the horns and a long, smooth scaled tail wrapped around her left leg. The crystal continued to flare and the relentless, singular cry was joined by another and then another. All of them begging for help from the Matriarch of Nevah.
"I can’t help you.. I can’t help any of you." Suna Ningam whispered quietly in a dull, emotionless voice as she watched the chaos and carnage unfold below her. The great, pearl gates of Nevah had been broken asunder, both having crushed several smaller buildings which laid just
:iconelyrxia:elyrxia 3 1
Grey Coat
This outerwear is the sole proof
of my ever so delicate sanity.
I help myself with a slice of truth
It is after all, a one-man tea party.
Grey is indeed made for you
just like your words, it was never black nor ivory.
If forgetting is the hollow benefit of youth,
one can only laugh at this solid absurdity.
Lips tremble not from the cool
but rehearsing welcome-back lines for an eternity.
Once again I question the relevance; like a fool,
of seeking solace from a fashion statement; this utter serendipity.
For it once belonged to us.
:iconvellaroque:Vellaroque 13 1
Game Over T Shirt Design by Nagrobek Game Over T Shirt Design :iconnagrobek:Nagrobek 4 3
Nexus Fate - Chapter 1
Nexus Fate
Chapter 1: Warden
It quivered among no illuminations. The unsightly thing, surely, moved through the dark. The great event, in line to unfold, must have been key priority in its mind. Although one might dispute this particular event's greatness, if it even had any meaning to begin with. But it happened nonetheless, a grid formation appeared. It seized the sky, space, time, all existence in this place. It shot out and away, leaving a gleaming trail in its wake. Agleam of stars and those colorful things that come next. It could be seen now, its celestial complexion. Surely not something of this place...
The dim glow faded from what the dignified boy held in his palm. The oil had run dry quicker than expected. Their escape would take to the subterrestrial shadows of the abyss.
“Shal! Stay close!”
A quaking pressure came from the ground, and nearby walls. Pebbles fell full-force from the towering ceiling above, as the ominous visitor prepar
:iconpiegoose:Piegoose 5 8
Lady and the Unicorn
    My name is Elsa, all my life I’d been trained for only one purpose and that was to serve the queen. Never had I imagined that I would be the queen’s own lady’s maid; though in all fairness I hadn’t thought that my mistress would be of elfish blood. I suppose that is why she chose me, since I was the youngest of those being trained and I was certainly the one she would be able to train however she wanted.
    I loved serving her. My queen asked very little of me. During my time with her I can think of only two days filled with more sorrow then I had ever known a person could feel.
    The first day was when she gave birth to the crown prince, then was denied any contact with him. The king wanted his son to be brought up only by human hands so that he would not reflect anything of his gentle mother. I believe that this was the king’s own undoing.
    The second of the saddest days was the day th
:iconkayleerydder:KayleeRydder 6 16
Take Cover by Revolution2025 Take Cover :iconrevolution2025:Revolution2025 1 0 Lion Warrior by ArtofTy Lion Warrior :iconartofty:ArtofTy 4,788 112 Filled penticle by ChardwolfArmory Filled penticle :iconchardwolfarmory:ChardwolfArmory 16 15 As Time Goes By by ShadowKidxDevilGirl As Time Goes By :iconshadowkidxdevilgirl:ShadowKidxDevilGirl 2 9 Join the Revolution by GravedFish Join the Revolution :icongravedfish:GravedFish 56 16 Fallout 3: Virtue to Vice by PatrickBrown Fallout 3: Virtue to Vice :iconpatrickbrown:PatrickBrown 8,940 869 PraticeWork Brogue by M3W4gunner PraticeWork Brogue :iconm3w4gunner:M3W4gunner 187 13 Earth generation by FreedomforEarth Earth generation :iconfreedomforearth:FreedomforEarth 5 1 Signs Brushes by NamelessPL Signs Brushes :iconnamelesspl:NamelessPL 297 37


Aright. 4 years later, I've grown up and realized how much of an edgelord and borderline neckbeard I was. Anyway, after getting a tour in Afghanistan out of the way, getting married, buying a farm (literally) and moving up in the world... I figure it's time to come back, start writing, and see how much my style has changed in the last few years. Well, here goes. Ladies, Gentlemen, and other pronouns...

Fernschzet is back.
  • Listening to: The Seatbelts
  • Reading: Old Writing
  • Watching: Words get typed
  • Playing: Pathfinder!
  • Eating: Nerds
  • Drinking: Tea, what else?
Aright. 4 years later, I've grown up and realized how much of an edgelord and borderline neckbeard I was. Anyway, after getting a tour in Afghanistan out of the way, getting married, buying a farm (literally) and moving up in the world... I figure it's time to come back, start writing, and see how much my style has changed in the last few years. Well, here goes. Ladies, Gentlemen, and other pronouns...

Fernschzet is back.
  • Listening to: The Seatbelts
  • Reading: Old Writing
  • Watching: Words get typed
  • Playing: Pathfinder!
  • Eating: Nerds
  • Drinking: Tea, what else?


Gyre D. Straldhardt
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